Sustainability.... Being Green.

Accuprint takes corporate responsibility very seriously and with that comes environmental responsibility. We recognize that environmental sustainability is an integral part of running any company. As part of the printing and graphic arts industry, we realize that we have a serious impact on our environment, both positively and negatively. Simple changes in the way things are run can have a huge, positive impact on the environment.

We recycle all office and manufacturing paper waste, press plates packing and shipping materials and toner cartridges.

We use green technology through web meetings and teleconferences, electronic invoicing and FTP technology.

We use green materials such as vegetable-based and soy-based inks, non-alcoholic based press chemicals. We re-use press supplies, purchase recycled paper and use FSC and Green-e certified paper as well as carbon neutral paper.

What Our Customers Say...

For effectiveness we rely on great printing and the streamlined execution of our client's direct mail programs. That's why we depend on Accuprint.

    Ingrid Korgemagi

Concentric Marketing Solutions

Magnets from Accuprint are one of the most effective tools for expanding our business. It took us to the next level. I'd rather you did not use it for a competitor pizza restaurant in Tucson, it's that effective. No, really.

    Tony Vaccaro

Brooklyn Pizza Company

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