Mailing Lists

New customer acquisition is important to the longevity of any company. Accuprint works with a broad range of franchise concepts and independent businesses that depend on our direct response methodologies and ability to provide targeted mailing lists to help them grow their customer base. We can provide contacts that mirror your ideal target for a one time use to build up an existing database or repeated use of the same list for sales offers. Plus, assist you in the identifying effective trade areas no matter how many markets you may be in.

One of the best ways to build a valid email list is to start with direct mail. By setting up an online presence to capture customers as they log in and respond to your direct mail offer, you can capture their email addresses and garner another way of staying in front of your customers. Continue the conversation with relevant information they will want to know about you in the form of special offers, loyalty programs, product/service news or new events.

What Our Customers Say...

For effectiveness we rely on great printing and the streamlined execution of our client's direct mail programs. That's why we depend on Accuprint.

    Ingrid Korgemagi

Concentric Marketing Solutions

Magnets from Accuprint are one of the most effective tools for expanding our business. It took us to the next level. I'd rather you did not use it for a competitor pizza restaurant in Tucson, it's that effective. No, really.

    Tony Vaccaro

Brooklyn Pizza Company

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