Accumag Magnet Postcard Mailers

Did you know that magnet postcard mailers can increase response rates by over 50%? Not only does the uniqueness of the magnet keep your mailing from being discarded immediately, your company name gets continual brand support when used as a reminder on the recipient's appliance or file cabinet! Accuprint of Kentuckiana is one of the few printing firms in the country to offer magnetic postcards and has a dedicated internal support team called Accumag to help you choose and execute your magnet project. Accumag has repeatedly produced high performing magnet postcard mailers for notable brands across the country including mailing list purchase, postage and fulfillment services. You can count on us to help you identify the best magnet postcard mailer strategy and then fulfill it to support your promotional campaign objectives.

To request a sample kit, click here and a collection of successful magnet postcard mailer samples will be sent to help you formulate your own strategy. Or simply call us at 877-511-2228 to get started right away!

What Our Customers Say...

Magnets from Accuprint are one of the most effective tools for expanding our business. It took us to the next level. I'd rather you did not use it for a competitor pizza restaurant in Tucson, it's that effective. No, really.

    Tony Vaccaro

Brooklyn Pizza Company

After working with countless printers over the years, Accuprint is the one we can trust!

    Julie Rudder

RMD Corp. dba Hooters of America

The samples look GREAT! Thank you so very much. It's been a pleasure working with you and will do more in the near future! (Regarding folded Accumag solo mailer for healthcare client)

    Happy Agency Client

from San Antonio, Texas

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